Comfortable Rest Areas


Opening hours: 9am – 10:30pm; last appt: 10pm

Enjoy blissfully relaxing massages that soothe and restore your tired body after a long walk in the mountains. Massages are done entirely by hand, with a warm touch and gentle technique.

Body Care

20min. Special attention for parts of the body that are particularly tired such as shoulders and back or legs and feet. This package is particularly good for first-timers. ¥2,300 (incl. tax)
60min. Whole body massage with extra attention given to especially tired parts of the body. This is the recommended standard course. ¥6,300 (incl. tax)

Foot/Leg Care

20min. Relieves tension and fatigue in the calves. Recommended for treating soreness in this area. This package can also be requested as an added option. ¥2,300 (incl. tax)
40min. Massage for the calves and feet with special attention given to the soles. This standard course removes impurities and relieves fatigue. ¥4,300 (incl. tax)

* This is only a small selection of the massage services.

Napping Area

This tatami floored space is available for customers wishing to lie down. An ideal place to unwind after a bath or meal.